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3517-1-01 Scope, Applicability and Construction of Rules.

(A) Applicability.

These rules prescribe the procedure to be followed in all matters before the Ohio Elections Commission, whether brought by complaint pursuant to section 3517.153 Of the Revised Code or by request for advisory opinion pursuant to division (D) of section 3517.153 of the Revised Code.

(B) Construction.

These rules shall be construed and applied to effect due process, just results, fair, impartial, speedy and sure administration, simplicity in procedure, elimination of delay, unnecessary expense and all other impediments to the expeditious administration of the election laws under the jurisdictions of the commission.

(C) Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure and Ohio Rules of Evidence applicable.

In all instances in which they are not in conflict with these rules of procedure, the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure and Ohio Rules of Evidence shall control proceedings before the commission.

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Updated: 3/20/2019