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About Us

The Ohio Elections Commission is comprised of seven (7) Commission members, our Executive Director/Staff Attorney and our Commission Assistant.  The Commission member include 3 Democratic (D) members, 3 Republican (R) members and 1 member who is unaffiliated with any party. Each of these Democratic and Republican members are appointed by the Governor's Office while the unafiliated member is chosen by the other 6 members of the Commission.  (Please see Membership/Staff for a list of current Ohio Elections Commission personnel) 

The duties of the Ohio Elections Commission include, but are not limited to, the adjudication of Ohio's Campaign Finance laws.  Complaints and referrals are received by the Commission from each of the State of Ohio's 88 County Boards of Elections, Ohio Secretary of State's Office, as well as complaints brought forward by members of the general public.

Additionally, Commission staff members are always prepared to assist Ohio citizens with any question concerning the elections process in the state of Ohio.