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Administrative & Revised Code

Ohio Revised Code

Chapter 3501 - Definitions

§3501.01 Definitions

Chapter 3517 - Campaigns; Political Parties

§3517.01 Definitions
§3517.08 Matters not Considered Contribution or Expenditure
§3517.081 Campaign Committee; Designation of Treasurer; Filing Statements
§3517.082 Corporation or Labor Organization Establishing Political Action Committee or Campaign Fund; Employee Contributions
§3517.09 Solicitations Forbidden
§3517.091 Door-to-Door Solicitations for Contributions
§3517.092 Solicitations from Public Employees
§3517.10 Times for Filing Statements of Contributions and Expenditures; Contents
§3517.101 Gifts to Political Parties for Office Facilities
§3517.102 Limitations of Contributions
§3517.103 Notices of Expenditures of Personal Funds
§3517.104 Adjustments to Limitations
§3517.105 Independent Expenditures
§3517.106 Computer Storage Information
§3517.107 Federal Political Committees
§3517.108 Additional Contributions to Pay Campaign Debt
§3517.109 Disposal of Excess Funds and Contributions; Reports and Declarations
§3517.1010 Disposal of Excess Funds
§3517.1011 Disbursements for Producing or Airing Electioneering communications; Disclosure Statement; Contents
§3517.1012 Restricted Fund; Deposit and Disbursement Statements
§3517.1013 Levin Account Gifts; Statement of Disbursements; Restrictions
§3517.1014 Transition Funds
§3517.1015 Ballot Issue Contributions by Persons Licensed Under Ohio Casino Control Commission
§3517.11 Procedures Relating to Reports of Contributions and Expenditures
§3517.12 Report of Receipts and Expenditures on Initiative and Referendum Petitions
§3517.13 Prohibited Activities
§3517.151 Effect of New Elections Commission on Complaints
§3517.152 Creation and Membership of Elections Commission
§3517.153 Filing and Form of Complaints; Recommended Legislation; Advisory Opinions
§3517.154 Review of Complaints
§3517.155 Hearings; Investigations
§3517.156 Expedited Hearings
§3517.157 Limitations; Withdrawal or Dismissal of Complaints; Appeals; Open Meetings
§3517.16 Deposits of Moneys into Fund
§3517.17 Division of Moneys in Fund Among Political Parties
§3517.18 Purposes for Which Moneys from Fund May be Used by Political Parties
§3517.20 Political Communications Must be Identified; Penalty
§3517.21 False Statements and Unfair Political Campaign Activities
§3517.22 False Statements and Unfair Activities in Issue Campaign
§3517.992 Penalties for Acts or Omissions Occurring On or After 8-24-1995
§3517.993 Factors for Commission Consideration for Imposition of Fines

Chapter 3599 - Corporate Activities

§3599.03 Corporation or Labor Organization Funds Shall Not be Used to Aide Political Organization; Funds Used to Promote or Oppose Ballot Issue; Exemptions - Provision Applying to Labor Organizations Under Preliminary Injunction
§3599.031 Deductions of Political Contribution from Employee's Wages; Written Authorization Required


Ohio Administrative Code

3517-1-01 Scope, Applicability and Construction of Rules
3517-1-02 Initiation of Proceeding
3517-1-03 Service of Documents Commencing Proceedings
3517-1-04 Service and Filing of Subsequent Pleadings and Documents
3517-1-05 Organization of Commission Panels and Meetings
3517-1-06 Time
3517-1-07 Pleadings and Motions
3517-1-08 Parties
3517-1-09 Discovery
3517-1-10 Expedited Hearings
3517-1-11 Preliminary Review and Hearings
3517-1-12 Open Meetings
3517-1-13 Frivolous Complaints and Attorneys Fees
3517-1-14 Penalties
3517-1-15 Reconsideration of Commission Decisions
3517-1-16 Definitions
3517-1-17 Public Notice of the Adoption, Amendment, or Rescission of Rules