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Advisory Opinions by Year
Advisory Opinions by Year

Advisory Opinions by Year

All Advisory Opinions Issued by the Commission in numerical order by year.


ELC86-1 Contract Bar - Board or Commission Defined
ELC86-2 Contract Bar - Department of Liquor Control
ELC86-3 Contract Bar - Medicaid Provider Agreements
ELC86-4 Partner Contribution of Award of Contract
ELC86-5 Contributions Prior to September 17, 1986


ELC87-1 Requirements for Political Party to File Reports
ELC87-2 Contract Bar - Children Services
ELC87-3 Campaign Committee Travel and Car Expenses
ELC87-4 Campaign Committee Secretarial Services
ELC87-5 Contract Bar - County Executive; Calendar Year Defined
ELC87-6 Campaign Committee  Car Telephone
ELC87-7 More Than One Campaign Committee  (Invalidated by SB 8, enacted 5/1995)
ELC87-8 Federal Campaign Committee and FECA - Preemption
ELC87-9 Legal Fees - Misconduct in Office
ELC87-10 Fines - Ohio Elections Commission
ELC87-11 Contract Bar - County Executive for Unique or Professional Services
ELC87-12 Campaign Committee Video Camera
ELC87-13 Campaign Committee Gifts, Flowers, Parties & Inauguration Expenses
ELC87-14 Travel Expenses - Fact Finding Trip
ELC87-15 Legal Fees - Ohio Elections Commission Proceedings


ELC88-1 Legal Fees - Access to Ballot
ELC88-2 Contract Bar Applied to a Non-Connected Political Committee
ELC88-3 Political Party Fund - Party Headquarters
ELC88-4 Political Party Fund - Campaign Rally
ELC88-5 Political Party Fund - Slate Card


ELC89-1 Political Party Fund - Funding for Headquarters
ELC89-2 Political Party Fund - Fair Booth Space
ELC89-3 Candidate's Office Furniture
ELC89-4 Certain Expenditures of Personal Funds Must be Reported
ELC89-5 Establishment of Campaign Committee (Invalidated by SB 8, enacted 5/1995)
ELC89-6 Political Party Fund - Party Fundraising


ELC90-1 Charitable Contributions from Personal Funds
ELC90-2 Candidate's Charitable Contributions not Reportable
ELC90-3 Legal Fees - Ohio Elections Commission Proceedings (portions invalidated by SB8)
ELC90-4 Legal Fees - Filing a Complaint with the Ohio Elections Commission


ELC91-1 Travel Expenses for Exchange Program Prohibited
ELC91-2 Political Party Fund Monies - Not Used for Recognition Dinner
ELC91-3 Use of Post Office Box in Disclaimer


ELC92-1 Publications & Distribution of Yearbook
ELC92-2 Printout of Data
ELC92-3 Chamber of Commerce Dues
ELC92-4 Subcontractor Previously Rejected as a Contractor




ELC94-1 Political Party Fund Monies - Subletting Office from Campaign
ELC94-2 Contribution to a 501(c)6 Non-profit is not a Proper Expenditure


ELC95-1 Political Party Fund Monies - Publishing a Newsletter
ELC95-2 Political Party Fund Monies - Computerized Voter Registration File
ELC95-3 Contract Bar Applied to Ohio Housing Finance Agency


96ELC-1 Elected Officer Prohibited from Soliciting Employees
96ELC-2 Contributions Prior to 3/19/96 Not Included in 1996 Limits
96ELC-3 R.C. §3599.03 Applies to R.C. §1701 & §1702 Corporations; Complaints Pursuant to R.C. §3599.03 & §3599.031 Shall be Made with the Commission; Limited Liability Companies and Professional Associations are Either Partnerships or Unincorporated Businesses under R.C. §3517.10(I)
96ELC-4 Limitations on Contributions from Major Political Parties; Limitations on Non-Federal Contributions to PACs; Contributions from Major National Political Parties
96ELC-5 Affiliated Political Action Committees; Affiliation Rules Applied
96ELC-6 Legal Fees - Joint Legislative Ethics Committee Proceedings
96ELC-7 A Loan is a Contribution; Refund of a Contribution; If not Timely Repaid by the Campaign Committee, Payment for Facility Rental by a Host is a Contribution; Contract Bar Interpreted in Conjunction with the Term "Contribution"
96ELC-8 Use of Campaign Funds to Defend Criminal Charges
96ELC-9 National Political Party Convention Expenses
96ELC-10 Disclaimers - World Wide Web Page
96ELC-11 Disclaimer - Telemarketing (Invalidated by HB 1, Enacted 12/2005)
96ELC-12 Federal PACs May Incorporate Under 11 C.R.F.114.12(a)
96ELC-13 Establishment of a Separate Collecting Agent Under R.C. §3599.031
96ELC-14 Contribution Limits Under §3517.102 not Applicable to a Decedent's Estate (Invalidated by SB 116, Enacted 12/1997)


97ELC-1 School Board Member is an "Employee" for Purposes of R.C. §3599.031
97ELC-2 Campaign Funds for an Appeal
97ELC-3 Ethics Commission Filing Fee
97ELC-4 Board Action upon Death of a Candidate
97ELC-5 Use of Corporate Logo Violation of R.C. §3599.03


98ELC-1 Payment of a Judge Against a Political Party
98ELC-2 Payments to a Political Party for Voluntary Services of Members
98ELC-3 Certain Loans Made in the Ordinary Course of Business are not Contributions in Conflict with R.C. §3599.03
98ELC-4 Bonus Travel Miles are Property of the Campaign Committee and Cannot be Used for Personal Travel
98ELC-5 Matching an Employee/Contributor's Charity Donation with a PAC Contribution is Impermissible
98ELC-6 Polls and Surveys Which are not for a Specific Candidate may be Paid from the Party's Operating Account


99ELC-1 Use of the Term "The Flag Lady" in Campaign Materials
99ELC-2 Use of an Ohio Corporation's Treaury Funds to Make Contributions to a Nonfederal Candidate in Another State in Which such Contributions are Legally Permissible
99ELC-3 Limitation on Return of Contributions to Certain Contributors at Termination of Campaign Committee
99ELC-4 Terminating a Political Action Committee which Carries an Outstanding Balance is Permissible as long as the Vendor Owed has not Timely Commenced a Breach of Contract Action within Four (4) Years
99ELC-5 Proper Use of the Term "Re-Elect" in Campaign Materials
99ELC-6 use of a Political Party's "Building Fund" for a Lease with an Option to Purchase is Impermissible; Use of Fund to Defray Costs of a Fund Raiser for the Building Fund is Improper
99ELC-7 Agreement between the State of Ohio and the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority
99ELC-8 A Contribution to Another Individual's Criminal Legal Expense is not a Proper Expenditure of Campaign Funds


2000ELC-01 Allowable Disbursement of Funds Through Trustee Pursuant to R.C. §3599.031
2000ELC-02 A Political Contributing Entity of a Union may Receive Funds from the Union's General Operating Account Regardless of the State of Residence of the Union Members
2000ELC-03 The use of the Term "Independent Republican" in Campaign Materials is Impermissible
2000ELC-04 Explanation of Permissible "Maintenance and Repair" Pursuant to R.C. §3517.101
2000ELC-05 Use of Campaign Funds for a Legal Settlement in Litigation


2001ELC-01 A Forgiven debt of a Campaign Committee cannot be Brought Forward to a Subsequently Created Campaign Committee
2001ELC-02 Effect of the Filing of a "Personal Funds" Notice on Campaign Contribution Limits
2001ELC-03 Use of Campaign Funds for an Issue of Public Interest
2001ELC-04 Necessity of Itemizing Headquarters Expenses in a Required Party Campaign Finance Report


2002ELC-01 Restrictions on the Use of the term "Re-Elect" by Candidates for the General Assembly
2002ELC-02 Prohibition on the use of the Term "Re-Elect" when Used in Concert with a Specific General Assembly District Number
2002ELC-03 Prohibition on a Candidate Making an Interest Bearing Loan to the Candidate's Campaign Committee
2002ELC-04 A Corporation may Host a Website for Candidates at a Nominal Fee to the Candidate Campaign Committee so Long as the Website is Available to all Candidates Regardless of Party Affiliation or Status


2003ELC-01 Campaign Funds may be Used for Costs in Prosecuting an Elections Protest


2004ELC-01 Limitations on a Corporation's Ability to "Write Off" a Debt Owed to it by a Candidate Campaign Committee
2004ELC-02 County ADAMH Board Qualifies as a Charitable Organization under R.C. §3517.08(G)
2004ELC-03 Campaign Committee may Pay for a Retirement Party at the Conclusion of a Candidate's Term of Office


2005ELC-01 Limitation on use of Party Identification by an Independent Candidate in a Partisan Election


2006ELC-01 Limitations on the use of Campaign Funds for Certain Legal Fees
2006ELC-02 A Federal Political Committee Must Register with the Office of the Secretary of State and as Such Cannot Act as a Conduit for Contributions to Candidates for Which it has Expressed its Support, Except as it Makes Contributions in its Own Name, and it is Then Subject to Ohio's Contribution Limits
2006ELC-03 Campaign Contribution Limits Otherwise Applicable to PACs are not Applicable to Affiliated PACs that are Properly Established Under Ohio's Campaign Finance Laws Pursuant to R.C. §3517.08 et seq
2006ELC-04 Restriction on Monies Used to Pay Costs Associated with a Recognition Program for Poll Workers that Included a Luncheon








2010ELC-01 Portrait Purchased by a Retiring Officeholder
2010ELC-02 Application of Citizens United Under Ohio's Statutory Scheme




2012ELC-01 Use of the Term "Re-Elect" by Federal Candidates
2012ELC-02 Political Party Fund Monies
2012ELC-03 PAC Funds to Pay for a Registered Lobbyist
2012ELC-04 Appropriate Disclaimer Language from Changes in HB 487


2013ELC-01 Donation by a Foreign National to a 501(c), not a PAC
2013ELC-02 Charitable Campaign Contribution to a 501(c) Organization for Which the Candidate is a Member of the Board of Directors


2014ELC-01 Refunds from a Political Action Committee Fund
2014ELC-02 refunds Not Allowed from a Political Party Building Fund Account under R.C. §3517.101


2015ELC-01 Allowances for Certain Corporate Political Activities
2015ELC-02 The Veterans Memorial Fund, Established by the Minerva Park Council Qualifies as a Charitable Organization under §3517.08(G)


2016ELC-01 An Agency of State Government Qualifies as a Charitable Organization under R.C. §3517.08(G)
2016ELC-02 A School District Qualifies as a Charitable Organization under R.C. §3517.08(G)
2016ELC-03 Suitable Software Purchase by a Political Contributing Entity
2016ELC-04 Refund of Contributions by a Ballot Issue Political Action Committee


2017ELC-01 Supreme Court Rules for the Government of the Bar, Rule VI (Gov. Bar R. VI) fee, is not an Appropriate Expenditure from a Campaign Committee Fund


2018ELC-01 Determining Whether a Campaign Expenditure is Unreasonable, Excessive or Otherwise Prohibited by Law
2018ELC-02 Use of Campaign Funds for Legal Fees in Civil Action and Related Criminal Investigation


2019ELC-01 An Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Board is not Required to Create a PAC to Support its Tax Levy