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TO:    John Schmarr
          Delaware County Democratic Party

You have requested an advisory opinion on questions concerning Ohio campaign finance law. The questions posed to the Commission are as follows:

1.    If gifts are received and deposited into the section §3517.101 "office facility" account, may the gifts be refunded to the donors if the funds are not used for the 'Office Project'?

2.    If only a portion of the funds (deposited into the section 3517.101 "office facility" account) are expended for the 'Office Project' , may the remainder be refunded proportionately to the donors?

SYLLABUS:    It is not permissible for an ‘entity’ as established in R.C. §3517.101(C) to refund a ‘gift’ as identified in R.C. §3517.101(A)(1).