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TO:   The Honorable Robert E. Hagan, 61st District, House of Representatives:

You have requested an opinion on the following question:
May a state representative pay for the purchase and operational costs of a video camera from campaign funds?

Syllabus : 

1.    A state representative may use his campaign fund to pay the cost of a video camera to be used to influence legislation and in connection with his campaign for election.
2 . The purchase of the video camera may be made directly from campaign funds, if the camera will be used exclusively for the purposes set forth in Revised Code section 3517.13(0). If the video camera will also be used for other purposes, then a percentage of the cost may be paid directly from campaign funds to the extent that if it is possible to determine with reasonable certainty the percentage of time that the camera will be used for statutory purposes. Otherwise, campaign funds may be used only to reimburse the candidate, officeholder or other person who purchased the video camera, in an amount equal to the proportionate usage of the camera for purposes specified in R.C. 3517.13(0).