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TO:    Rocky A. Coss, Highland County Prosecuting Attorney

You have requested an opinion on the following question:

Must expenditures for items such as emery boards, rulers, and pencils and for advertisements in publications of various groups, such as sports and festival programs, which are paid for by an elect3d official from personal funds, contain a reference only to the fact that he is an elected official, contain no reference to elections, and are made in years other than the year in which the primary or general election for that office is to be held, be reported as a campaign contribution and expenditure under section 3517.10 of the Ohio Revised Code?

SYLLABUS : An officeholder who purchases with his personal funds such items as emery boards, rulers, or pencils with his name and office printed thereon and distributes them for the purpose of promoting a possible future candidacy, or who purchases advertisements in publications of various organizations for the same purpose , must report such expenditures in compliance with Revised Code section 3517.10.