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TO:    Joseph E. Sandler, General Counsel
           Neil P. Reiff, Deputy General Counsel
           Democratic National Committee

You have requested an advisory opinion on the following questions:

1.    What are the applicable contribution limits, if any, applicable to "national party committee" contributions to Ohio candidates, affiliated party committees and other political committees?
2.    May contributions from "national party committee" be made from an account which does not limit the amount received from any contributor by the committee, if such contributions are received solely from individuals?
3.    If the answers to Question (1) and (2) differ from those that are applicable to other out-of-state "political committees," will the DNC be required to change its committee status in order to contribute in accordance with those answers?

SYLLABUS: A "national committee" of a major political party is limited by Ohio law only with respect to non-federal contributions to political action committees aggregated per calendar year.  3517.102 of the Ohio Revised Code places no other limits on such contributions which may be made from an account that does not limit amounts lawfully given to it for nonfederal purposes.